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Health coaching for chronic conditions

By Added Health, Added Health Added 18th Oct, 2023 Updated 24th Oct, 2023

Added Health is a personalised, CQC-accredited, and entirely confidential digital health coaching service, offering continuous support to create positive behaviour change and embed healthier lifestyle habits for better patient health outcomes. Health coaching is proven to lead to less burden for GP practices.


Patients with specific chronic conditions can be invited to participate in the PCN-sponsored, 12-week support programme, delivered from an app using text, email, and chat. Added Health’s head coach is Prof, Steve Rollnick, creator of proven behaviour change technique, Motivational Interviewing, helping patients to make lifestyle changes.

NHS hypertensive patients can benefit from a personalised 12-week programme comprised of up to 12 modules designed to improve diet and sleep, increase exercise, and reduce stress whilst working with individuals’ motivators and levels of willingness to change. 

By enhancing the quality and accessibility of education, we can empower people to adopt healthier lifestyles and behaviours that can lower their risk of developing cardio vascular disease. This can also increase their motivation and self-efficacy to maintain these changes in the long term. As a result, they can achieve better health outcomes and reduce their blood pressure, which is a major factor for cardiovascular disease.

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