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The Innovation Agency Exchange provides an online forum for colleagues across the healthcare sector to share innovations and challenges, and collaborate on ideas, projects and products to improve patient care.

Managed by the Innovation Agency, the Academic Health Science Network for the North West Coast, we connect people working in the NHS, health and social care professionals, businesses, organisations and individuals who are looking for improved, effective and more efficient ways of working.


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Proven innovation

Optilume Drug Coated Balloon for the treatment of Urethral Stricture

By Laborie Medical Technologies The Optilume Drug Coated Balloon (DCB) procedure is an innovative treatment for urethral stricture in adult males >18 years old. It is novel... Last updated 2nd September, 2021
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

Lenus Health COPD Management Service

By Lenus Health Clinically proven, AI powered remote monitoring service for COPD patientsThe Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) service allows high-risk patients to... Last updated 13th January, 2022
Proven innovation

Quality Assurance and Compliance Platform

By QuiqSolutions Ltd QuiqSolutions provides a highly innovative quality assurance & compliance platform, proven with over 400 Health & Social implementations and major... Last updated 3rd May, 2019
Proven innovation

Med App

By MedApps Med App is an offline-accessible, mobile-first tool for accessing clinical and hospital guidelines, communicating with clinicians, and facilitating education... Last updated 3rd March, 2020
Proven innovation

BRIT - optimising antibiotic prescribing

By University of Manchester Antibiotic use and prescribing is highly variable across the NHS, leading to variable outcomes for patients.  The BRIT project  have developed a “... Last updated 19th July, 2019
Proven innovation

Preventing patient harm using VERSAL slide sheet

By County Durham and Darlington foundation trust A nurse, who works as a moving and handling advisor in our NHS Trust, has innovated a unique slide sheet. Named ‘Versal’, it replaces the need for multiple... Last updated 30th April, 2020
Proven innovation

Yorkshire and Humber Genomic Medicine Centre

By YHAHSN The Yorkshire and Humber Genomics Medicine Centre is a collaboration between hospital trusts around the Yorkshire and Humber region to perform whole ... Last updated 23rd July, 2019
Proven innovation

Dignio Integrated Care Platform

By Dignio Dignio takes connected care to a new level. This sustainable solution helps the NHS achieve its net zero target. The platform is easy to use with... Last updated 8th November, 2021
Proven innovation


By YOURmeds YOURmeds enables people to take the right medication at the right time with support from their network of family and friends.  YOURmeds puts the... Last updated 30th June, 2023
Under evaluation with potential for adoption

SEND- A system for vital sign observation for hospital patients

By Drayson Technologies SEND is a system for vital-sign observations in hospital patients (blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, oxygen saturation and temperature) and risk... Last updated 23rd July, 2019

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Improving outcomes for mothers suffering from postnatal depression

By Innovation Agency The Innovation Agency is looking for solutions to the challenge of monitoring new mothers' wellbeing when they return home after the birth of their child... Last updated 30th August, 2019

Transformation of Outpatient Services

By Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber The Long Term Plan challenges the system to move from face-to- face outpatient appointments. There are digital opportunities including the redesign of... Last updated 16th October, 2019


By Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber Our workforce is a pivotal part of the NHS Long Term Plan (LTP). People are one of the NHS’s greatest strengths and it is essential they get the support they... Last updated 16th October, 2019

Prevention of the recurrence of UTIs

By Innovation Agency The Innovation Agency would like to hear from any innovators who have solutions to the challenge of preventing recurring urinary tract infections, particularly... Last updated 4th November, 2022

Health Inequalities

By Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber Health inequalities are defined as “unfair and avoidable differences in health across the population, and between different groups within society. These... Last updated 22nd March, 2023