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SWORD Health

By Andre Santos, SWORD Health Added 21st Feb, 2021 Updated 18th Mar, 2021
SWORD Health is a digital musculoskeletal care solution that pairs Physiotherapists with a certified sensor medical device to deliver Physiotherapy and Wellness programs (like falls prevention) directly at home. The company has been working since 2015 with National health services, health plans and large corporations covering 1.4m lives today across 3 continents. SWORD clinical trials outperformed 1:1 traditional in person Physiotherapy by 30% and the company has been able to reduce up to 34% of Musculoskeletal costs, by reducing unnecessary surgeries , opioids, ER visits, MRIs and achieving 18% faster recoveries while giving 24/7 care access.


Funded in 2015, SWORD Health delivers physiotherapy programs directly at home for patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders, by pariring physiotherapists with a certified sensor medical device.

It all starts with the video assessment appoitment with the Physiotherapist that understand the patient needs and design a personalized and holistic therapeutic program that combines exercises, education and cognitive behavioral coaching. SWORD’s Ceritifed Digital Therapist guides members through every exercise, with the help of motion sensors that are more accurate than the human eye. Our PTs access member performance data using our backend software solution, the “SWORD Portal”, enabling them to monitor and tailor a member’s treatment plan according to their progress, in addition to offering insight into their condition and behavioral coaching to help them outsmart their pain.

Our programs are available for 1.4m lives in 3 continents and have impacted Musculoskeletal costs and People's quality of living by reducing pain by 70%, surgeries by 64%, medication by 36%, ER visits 61%, Falls risk in 35%, depression by 52%, anxiety by 35% representing cost savings up to 34%. Moreover in our clinical trials performed against 1:1 Physiotherapy we were able to achieve 30% better outcomes (nature, JMIR 1, JMIR 2). Lastly the convenience and safety to access care without leaving home is driving member satisfaction levels to 9.3/10 , keeping members happy and engaged even more during COVID-19.

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