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RefuAid Medical & Nurse Recruitment

By Steve Duffy, RefuAid Added 11th Sep, 2020 Updated 24th Mar, 2021

RefuAid is a charity that sources and supports refugee healthcare professionals to work in the NHS.


RefuAid is addressing healthcare professional staffing shortages in the NHS by drawing on a talent pool that is wide and highly skilled, but chronically under-utilised: qualified refugees in the UK.

Most refugee healthcare professionals lack the resources and tacit knowledge needed to return to practice, while most NHS employers lack awareness that there are thousands of such healthcare professionals who are eager to work for them. We find and support people back into work in the NHS who may otherwise never return to practice. We do this using the following model:

1. Language provision with classes of 16-32 hours a week, giving our professionals comprehensive tuition. This speeds up the time it takes them to pass their IELTS/OET exams, meaning they can return to practice sooner.

2. Financial support with interest-free loans so our clients can fund their re-qualification. This removes the financial burden from their re-qualification process so they can focus on their studies - this also results in our professionals taking less time to re-qualify

3. Casework support from our knowledgable team means our professionals are supported throughout their re-qualification process. The challenges that refugee professionals face when arriving in a new country and finding work are manifold, but RefuAid’s ongoing holistic casework allows our clients to feel supported, which has tangible effects on the time it takes for them to re-qualify (to say nothing of the human benefit).

4. Finally, we help professionals find employment and work experience in clinical roles through our social enterprise recruitment model.

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