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Quality Assurance and Compliance Platform

By Paul Kaye, QuiqSolutions Ltd Added 14th Mar, 2019 Updated 3rd May, 2019

QuiqSolutions provides a highly innovative quality assurance & compliance platform, proven with over 400 Health & Social implementations and major projects with NHS England and 200 CCGs in relation to CQC, CHC, Safeguarding and SEND assurance.

QuiqCare saves time and money in comparison to traditional methods of providing assurance. Real-time reporting provides peace of mind to governing bodies, managers and providers that they are meeting their key assurance obligations.

QuiqCare provides all components of assurance in a single low-cost tool, including Evidence, Action Plans, Audits, Surveys, Inspections and Reporting giving a fully-rounded view of the assurance position.


​QuiqCare is a configurable quality assurance & compliance platform offering unique functionality and flexibility to manage all assurance needs at departmental, organisational or regional level across all service types within Health & Social Care. It can incorporate recognised national or local quality standards and is the ideal tool for internal or external compliance monitoring, supporting intelligence-based commissioning decisions when working with provider communities.

Key Components of QuiqCare: 

  • Evidence – assurance statements with RAG ratings and supporting attachments
  • Action Plans – after identifying strengths and weaknesses using SMART action plans to ensure improvements take place
  • Peer Review – options for external consultants, commissioners, regional colleagues to review evidence and RAG rate
  • Activity Management – all items for review have system-generated email alerts to ensure nothing is missed
  • Surveys / Audits / Requests for Information – a tool to build your own forms of any type. Set up schedules to automate sending, complete on or off line. Any document once completed can be reviewed with follow-up actions if required. Secure document repositories allow all completed documents to be accessed by providers and commissioners.
  • Reporting – have a real-time view as well as trend analysis reports showing the position over time across one or multiple locations. 

QuiqCare will highlight strengths and weaknesses against any quality criteria and provide a single platform to give visibility at all required levels. Having improved quality of services should benefit everyone, including patients, relatives and friends, staff and Management and all other stakeholders.

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