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Protec2 CLIQ® Access Control System

By Neil Hughes, Abloy UK Added 12th Nov, 2019 Updated 9th Nov, 2022

The Problem "Who has the CD Keys?"

Abloy Cliq is an innovative access control solution that helps to improve nurse and pharmacy efficiency as well as allow speedier investigation times.

Cliq would replace mechanical-only locks on controlled drug cupboards, medicines storage cupboards, fridges and trolleys. This gives a full audit of transactions and allows a key per nurse to answer the question: "Who has the CD keys?"

The CLIQ system can be used in conjunction with electronic key cabinets for bank staff, and Abloy RFID Locks can also allow staff or patient self medication when appropriate.

The whole solution improves efficiency and improves staff and patient perception.


Protec2 CLIQ® provides solutions to many of the security problems that hospitals face on a daily basis, and has been particularly successful in helping to improve key management and security of controlled drugs.

Operational efficiency is detrimentally affected by poor key management. Through using old mechanical key systems it is difficult to keep track of who has the keys. Searching for the person who has the keys to gain access to controlled drugs wastes a substantial cumulative amount of a nurse’s time. The solution to both of these issues is PROTEC2 CLIQ® key system from Abloy UK wich can save your nurses up to 30 minutes every shift.

PROTEC2 CLIQ® is an easy-to-use access control system based on mechanical high security disc cylinders combined with highly encrypted electronic locking and identification. Power to the lock is provided by the CLIQ® key, therefore no batteries or wires are required, making it an ideal retrofit solution, even for applications such as mobile drug trolleys. The system allows for remote key management, providing comprehensive audit trails on locks and padlocks, and the ability to remove lost or stolen keys from the system, substantially increasing the security of controlled drugs


CLIQ® for Healthcare: 

Improves nursing efficiency 

Improves patient care

Enhances security

Saves money - reduces drug theft

Improves CQC rating performance

ROI - 600% in one year

Reduces investigation time 

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