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Nu:view Breast CT imaging device

By Paul Rowe, MediLife Ltd Added 20th Dec, 2023 Updated 22nd Feb, 2024

There are two different pathways where nu:view will improve patient diagnosis, the National breast screening programme and symptomatic clinics for GP referrals.  Breast screening has declined dramatically since covid, with 1.2 million women failing to attend breast cancer screening clinics in 2021/22, this equates to approximately 10,000 missed cancers. In some areas of the country screening is a low as 42%, there is a close link between high deprivation parts of the UK and screening attendance. Often patients require additional imaging modalities following mammography and ultrasound during a one stop breast cancer service.  MRI patient backlogs continue to exceed 250,000 patients.


Nu:view is CE marked and being used across Europe as an alternative to mammograms and MRI in the identification of suspicious lesions for breast cancer. The product is being used in screening patients in Zurich and symptomatic clinics across Germany and the Netherlands. 100,000 women in the Netherlands have signed a petition to the government to request more access to this imaging device.  We have gained advice from a UK focus group who are positive about the image quality and capabilites, the next stage is to gain clinical experience in a UK setting.

Nu:view breast CT offers patients a high level of comfort with no breast compression or touching required. The examination times (7-12 seconds) are short, so capacity can be improved vs. MRI and there are no issues with claustrophobia. There is a high level of 3D imaging, which can be used with/without contrast media, allowing identification of lesions and microcalcifications from a single imaging modality. Due to the unique photon counting technology, the evidence shows radiation exposure equivalent to mammography.

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