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Med App

By Ann-Marie Mekhail, MedApps Added 25th Feb, 2020 Updated 3rd Mar, 2020

Med App is an offline-accessible, mobile-first tool for accessing clinical and hospital guidelines, communicating with clinicians, and facilitating education and training.

Access all orientation info before you arrive on-site—prepare thoughtfully and minimise procedural mistakes associated with starting a new job.


Med App is a platform optimised for mobile and offline access that allows access to local hospital protocols, policies, and directories from one's cell phone. This information is filtered to improve the signal to noise ratio and ensure that information is accessible to the correct specialities, roles, and disciplines within the hospital without having to search through emails, pdfs, paper handbooks, or find desktops to look through the intranet.The app is built to facilitate the delivery of clinical information by allowing upload of rotas, training videos, images, and text.As well as tailored information about the hospital, the app allows for wiki-style bidirectional communication where users can edit and comment on content (these edits are then moderated before being published), which ensures that keeping information up to date is easier by taking feedback directly from the front lines.There is an inbuilt campaigns feature that uses the increased engagement people have with push notifications to more impactfully implement cost and quality improvement projects at low cost e.g. by using push notifications to nudge behaviour towards better practice such as VTE prophylaxis prescribing, or antimicrobial stewardship.Med App also comes with an in-built events feature which allows notifications of the scheduling of teaching, sim training, grand rounds etc. Events can sync with the calendar, monitor attendance for class sizes and documenting CPD, and remind people what is on.

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