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Intelligent workforce solution and indoor location technology

By Craig Wood, Navenio Limited Added 10th Jun, 2020 Updated 22nd Jun, 2020

Many have tried to change the way clinical teams work to be more efficient; but few have focused on optimising the supporting teams that provide the logistics which underpin the flow of patients throughout the hospital. Navenio has done just that. By looking at the teams working within a hospital, they have proven that knowing where people are, indoors in real-time, unlocks significant improvements in their workflow and efficiency. This improves patient flow and patient care.



Navenio has pioneered frictionless, accurate and robust indoor location solutions, built on award-winning science from the University of Oxford – enabled simply using sensors in existing smartphones. Unlike other RTLS, RFID, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi solutions, the Navenio technology requires no new investment in infrastructure at all; is easily scalable and accurate to within 1 to 3 metres.

The Navenio solution is available in three forms:

  • Intelligent Workforce Solution (IWS)
    • automates the prioritisation and allocation of tasks to ensure the right person is helping in the right location every time
  • Location only solution
    • provides details of current and past movements of staff via their smartphones
  • as a fully integrated location solution that feeds into other clinical/non-clinical solutions/applications
    • can provide valuable data to aid and improve patient consultations, discharge and referrals; and provide confirmation of where a staff member at infection risk has travelled between over a period of time

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