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Endeavour - Patient & Service User Flow System

By Abe Elkinson, Trusted Solutions Group Ltd (TSG) Added 10th Sep, 2021 Updated 20th Oct, 2021

This innovation focuses on ensuring appropriate services and/or transport are matched to the needs of those patients/service users in an effective manner, in real time. Furthermore, the innovation supports coherent service provision during transport between the various organisations in the healthcare system, dramatically improving the use of the care professional’s time, the service user’s experience, and efficiency over existing systems.


Using algorithms and AI, the innovation will provide a fully integrated procurement system / process that provides all the required functionality to deliver a seamless, robust, efficient regulated, cloud-based platform. 

The booking service and dynamic patient/service user risk assessment bring ease of use and access to resources in real-time. Ensuring patient/service user needs are matched with the most suitable personnel and resources, whether they are in-house, third party or private provider, local authority, community, charity, or volunteer. This reduces waiting times and delays, reduces risk, and ensures care is provided and undertaken in accordance with standards and regulations. This in turn mitigates missed, postponed, and cancelled visits/appointments and reduces bottlenecks and bed blocking and the associated additional costs of the duplication of work.

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