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DOCOBO: Digital remote patient monitoring - DOC@HOME®

By Carrie Prew, Docobo Ltd Added 11th Feb, 2022 Updated 3rd Mar, 2022

DOC@HOME is an accredited and regulatory compliant health platform which enable healthcare professionals to improve quality, efficiency and productivity.

Docobo has been working closely with health and social care services for 20 years, enhancing and improving knowledge and product development to ensure we continue to deliver real and reliable solutions and optimise our clients’ adoption of ‘digital’ in a coherent interoperable system. Adoption is most successful when it is an evolutionary process, which assures effective change, with confidence and momentum.


DOC@HOME is our advanced digital remote patient monitoring and case management system. It enables clinicians and carers to deliver better care, helps patients to be more aware of their condition and improves self-management.

Easy to implement and use, our remote patient monitoring is used in care homes, in primary care settings, in patients’ homes and hospital-to-home, enabling healthcare professionals to develop new ways of delivering care.

DOC@HOME is used across the NHS to enable overstretched clinicians to provide better care to more patients. Take a look at our case studies to see where DOC@HOME is used.

Docobo has provided services to help improve care in care homes for many years, supporting the Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH) programme, which specifies nomination of GPs to care homes, to help improve responsiveness and care.

DOC@HOME is configured to the specific needs of care homes and ways of working, aligned with EHCH. The monitoring of all residents enables clinicians to develop a baseline for every resident’s normal condition. The system caters for residents with long-term conditions and enables carers to record observations for all residents regardless of whether they have underlying conditions or not. This results in substantial savings in time, for GPs and carers.

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