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Dignio Integrated Care Platform

By Ewa Truchanowicz, Dignio Added 26th Aug, 2021 Updated 8th Nov, 2021

Dignio takes connected care to a new level. This sustainable solution helps the NHS achieve its net zero target. The platform is easy to use with Bluetooth connected devices, it alerts professionals if they need to act. Multidisciplinary teams across a region can use the platform to monitor a single illness or a range of conditions, with a single solution.


  • Dignio Connected Care Platform is a software as medical device, with two companion apps, and third party Bluetooth connected medical devices. The apps are accessible via iPads, iPhones, tablets or mobile phones. The clinical dashboard is a web based interface. 
  • Vital signs are communicated via Bluetooth connected devices (15+ integrated medical devices) or via manual input 
  • Symptom reporting and customisable risk stratification on the clinical dashboard 
  • Bespoke set up designed locally for disease groups or individual patients
  • Information is relayed via the cloud directly to the healthcare providers’ staff, Dignio does not over-burden clinicians with masses of unfiltered information, risk-stratified observations allow clinicians to respond appropriately to patients’ needs
  • Clinicians define what they want to be flagged, supporting earlier intervention in deterioration
  • The solution is set up to support multi-disciplinary teams' collaboration and a holistic view of the individual cared for

Easy implementation:

  • Dignio is a cloud based platform that can be rapidly deployed into a health or care environment and  patients’ homes.
  • Digitise multiple pathways at no further cost: Dignio will work with you to create tech enabled pathways that could help many more patients at no extra cost.
  • New pathways can be set up on the platform in as little as 15 minutes. Our experts will work with you to help you achieve this. There is no need to buy 'modules' or wait for development work to be completed. 
  • Deployed in the UK in communities and residential care, market leader in Norway

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