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Continuing Healthcare digital transformation

By Charles MacKinnon, IEG4 Ltd Added 8th May, 2018 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

Continuing Healthcare is the focus of a Strategic Improvement Programme from NHS England to improve the Quality, performance and patient/family experience of the service. Digital transformation is key to improving many aspects of the assessment and workflows to take a patient case from referral through the assessment process to then deliver a funding decision for care.

IEG4 has developed a fully digital referral and assessment solution in collaboration with front-line clinicians, administrators and decision makers. This digitisation of the service has demonstrated substantial improvements in the quality and timeliness of assessments and decisions


CHC2DST brings Continuing Healthcare Assessments into the 21st Century in a way that is straightforward and easy to use: a much-needed system for improving efficiencies in the CHC process. Information Governance Managers in CCGs will appreciate the security features Microsoft Azure provides as standard, along with the digital assessment and assurance process led by NHS England and OurMobileHealth and full NHS IG Toolkit compliance.

Practitioners and administrators will appreciate the end-user involvement in research and consultancy that shaped the development of the platform to ensure the correct data is captured and is shared – securely – with the correct colleagues. Pathways are visible, audits are easily accessible and ultimately, the patient will feel the benefit of a structured paperless process.

A convincing case for economic, workforce and health benefits has been made.

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