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Air Decontamination, proven by the NHS to help prevent the transmission of airborne infections.

By Rory Clarke, Clarog Enterprises Ltd T/A Airdog Added 13th Sep, 2023 Updated 22nd Sep, 2023

Airdog addresses two major problems, the transmission of airborne infections and the use of non-recyclable consumables, mainly HEPA filters and UV bulbs in air scrubbers. 

Airdog’s solution is to continuously cleanse the air in an indoor environment from biological and non-biological contaminants as the threat of contamination is continuous. It is proven by the NHS to inactivate all common viruses, bacteria and fungus and capture contaminants without the need for disposable consumables.


Airdog proven by the NHS an efficient method to help prevent the transmission of airborne infections, a unique portable, floor standing, Air Sterilization & Filtration device without disposable filters.

Airdog, validated by The Innovation Agency achieved an outstanding NET Log10 Reduction of bacteria count, offering an invaluable contribution to infection prevention and control. It has also been evaluated by many Internationally accredited testing institutes and is supplied in over seventy countries.

Evidence for clinical effectiveness is available from The Innovation Agency or from Airdog UK & Ireland.

Cost savings to the NHS are from reducing the stress on the healthcare system, reducing HAI’s, reducing the time patients are receiving healthcare and so contributing to a more efficient system.

There are economic and environmental cost savings from Airdog’s zero waste technology and it contributes to NHS NetZero targets.  

Airdog is a solution which is easy to implement, it’s a standalone plug in device which does not require any disruptive or costly installation. The implementation process is fully supported by Airdog UK & Ireland. Devices can be monitored and controlled digitally and a complete maintenance and service package can be provided.

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